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Aim for more than simply remote.

Get your Company's immediate presence hiring a mailbox in windy Chicago and/or a dedicated landline in shiny Lisbon. Nimbler's virtual solutions provide you with everything you need to work virtually. Whether you only need a mailbox or you want a place to hold a meeting with an important client for an hour, we have a plan for everyone. Contact us today to get started and learn more our virtual solutions!

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INCLUDED Mailbox Virtual Office Nimbler Plan
Address for mail
Pick-up point during business schedule
Alerts by email & App
Dedicated Landline -
Free 3h/month to book meeting rooms -
Days per month to use common areas to work during the business schedule - 2 days per month 5 days per month
Invite for our Space's events -
10% discount on meeting rooms bookings -


With this option, you get an address for mail and a pick-up point during business hours. We also provide alerts via email and app so you can know when things get delivered or see your reservations for meeting rooms.

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Virtual Office

Our virtual office plan allows you all the same benefits as the mailbox plan and more! You will have your own dedicated landline, up to three hours of free meeting room time, invitations to attend our events, a 10% discount on meeting room bookings, and up to two days per month to use the common area to work during the business schedule.

Our Nimbler Plan

This is our most popular option and for a good reason. You have all of the benefits of the virtual office plan plus up to five total days per month to use common areas to work during the business schedule.

Redefine how you work by working in one of our beautiful locations! Nimbler Spaces is here for all of your temporary workspace needs. Contact us today to get started!

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